Praying On Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday Livestream Discussion Guide for Families

John 17:1-5

  • Did you know Jesus was arrested? What did the Son of God, the maker and the sustainer of all that we see, choose to do before His arrest? He chose to pray.

  • What Jesus prayed for Himself may surprise you. Jesus prayed that He and His Father would be glorified. This means that God’s character would be revealed by the Father and the Son to people.

  • Jesus prayed that eternal life was not knowing about God but knowing Him.

    discussion: talk about this difference as a family

John 17: 6-19

  • Jesus also prayed for His disciples. Jesus prayed that God the Father would set the disciples apart for their mission. He asked that His disciples would be set apart by the Word of God.

    Home discussion: what would be the disciples’ mission? (verse 18)

John 17: 20-26

  • Jesus prayed for other believers that would believe in Jesus through the word of the disciples. He prayed that new believers would be one. This oneness of new believers would have a very important result. The result of being united would be that the world would know that Jesus was sent by God the Father.

  • Jesus also prayed that believers all over the world, in every kind of circumstance, would know that God loves them as the God the Father loves the Son.

  Home discussion: Hebrews 7:25 states that Jesus Christ always lives to makes intercession. Discuss the ways Jesus Christ may now be interceding for believers by referring to this prayer of Christ in John 17

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  1. Pastor Chip,
    Thank you so much for an uplifting and informative sermon during this stressful time. May God continue to use you and Pastor Cale to reach our community for Christ.

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