Declaring Your Faith

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Declaring Your Faith

Acts 8:26-40
Our message this Sunday on Father’s Day will be encouraging words to parents, grandparents and individuals who desire to declare their faith through everyday conversations. Below is our guide for verses through Acts chapter 8.

-Declaring your faith is in living out what you “know in part” with all your heart. [verse 26]

-As fathers and as followers of Christ, we are continually drawn to the work of God and to the word of God. [verse 27-28]

-Most that hear God’s voice today have already set their heart to obey. [verse 29]

-The question only you can answer for yourself is: “Do I run from conversations about Christ or am I running to conversations about Christ?” [verses 30-35]

-The Ethiopian asked a what hinders me question. [verse 36]

-Responding to God is always in the now moments of life. [verses 37-40]

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