When: Every Other Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Two miles South of Winchester Starbucks
Who is leading the Study: Tod Thompson 

About the Study: Disciples Path: The Journey Vol. 1 Personal Study Guide offers a mix of group discussion, personal study, and practical application. It includes questions for reflection, prayer guidance, a session introduction, Scripture passages, commentary, a weekly activities checklist, a Bible reading plan, and devotionals.

There’s a disciple-maker inside every Christian. Disciples Path: The Journey is a one-year intentional plan for discipleship that provides a purposeful process for maturing in Christ.

Volume 1 Study Plan:

What Just Happened?
The Centrality of Christ
Time with Jesus
The Blessing of Community
Joining Jesus on Mission
The Importance of Discipleship
Defining a Disciple
Jesus Calls His Disciples
Jesus Teaches His Disciples
Jesus Equips His Disciples
Jesus Sends His Disciples
Reflect and Connect

Interested In Coming?

(This study meets in a home and gathers ever other Tuesday. For the specific Tuesday this group meets and for the home address, please fill out the form below and we will gladly provide you with that information!)