3 Opportunities To Gather

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We have three opportunities to gather this weekend!


Just like many of you, your pastors have looked forward to this coming Sunday for the
past few months. Although we are thankful for the opportunity to livestream our services
each Sunday, it’s not the same as gathering with the saints in person, listening to each
other, praying over one another, and celebrating the work of Christ together.

We have prayed and sought guidance from church leadership and other Christian
leaders about meeting in-person again during these unique times. We understand that
within our church family not all are ready to make the transition back to weekly
corporate worship and or Sunday school/life groups. If you decide that now is not the
right time for you and your family to attend an in-person service, we support you and our
church family will always extend outside of the four walls of Round Hill Baptist Church.
As Christians, we desire to be in the presence of one another, and during this time it’s
hard on every believer as we know something is missing. We look forward to the day
when we are all together, singing and praising the Lord.

This Sunday, we will be offering three opportunities for our church to gather. Two will be
in-person and one live-streamed. Church services, indoor and outdoor, will last about 30
minutes. We will practice health precautions in both our in-person meetings. Masks will
be available for those that need one but are only required inside the sanctuary for the
11:00 am service.

There will not be childcare and Round Hill Kids will not meet during our initial
regathering. We are continuing to look into the best path back to our children’s
programs and ministries. With that said, we will be having a few opportunities in the
coming weeks and months for families and their kids!

1. 9:00 am Lawn Service

At 9:00 am (weather permitting), we will gather on the RHBC front lawn. We encourage
you to bring a chair or blanket as we come together for a time of worship through the
preaching of God’s word and corporate prayer.

2. 11:00 am Sanctuary Service

At 11:00 am, we once again will be gathering inside the sanctuary. For the time being,
we have designated seating sections within the sanctuary to accommodate gathering
guidelines. The seating arrangements are designed to accommodate families, couples
and individuals.

3. 11:00 am Livestream

We will continue to livestream our 11:00 am service each Sunday. This has been one of
the areas God has blessed our church during these times. We are thankful for those
who help make our livestream happen each week!

Besides the safety and health precautions that are mentioned above, know that we
have additional processes that are in place when it comes to sanitation before and after

-Offering plates will not be passed during the services. Tithe and offering plates
will be placed at the exit doors where you can place your tithe/offering.
-Be ready to be welcomed with a smile, ushers and greeters will assist in
opening doors to limit contact.
-Hand sanitizer will also be available for use.

Continue to follow the guidelines and precautions that have been encouraged for public
health and remain at home if you are sick. Our effort is to make our regathering safe
and comfortable for our church family. We know this isn’t “back to normal” yet, but this is
our opportunity to regather in person.

Church family we love you and look forward to seeing you on Sunday. For those that
will be joining us online be sure to leave a comment on the stream, and we look forward
to speaking with you.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Pastor Chip or Pastor Cale,
they would love to hear from you!

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