Dr. Chip Corbin

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Since 2010, Dr. Chip Corbin has served as lead pastor at Round Hill Baptist Church. His ministry as a local church pastor has been a commitment to discipleship, family ministries and following Christ’s example of an authentic life of prayer. Pastor Corbin enjoys all the journeys that are a part of following Christ. Some of those journeys he has enjoyed in the pastoral ministry through the years are:

Journeys with Families

Dr. Corbin and his wife Penny both began following Christ when they were in the 4/14 window (between the ages of 4 and 14). Their two children also made commitments to Christ in their 4/14 window.   The 4/14 age span is where 85% of Christians first come to a relationship and commitment with Jesus Christ.  Pastor Corbin shares, “I didn’t know at the age of 13 when I trusted Christ, that God would one day lead me to serve others as a pastor.  I would never have dreamed that dream.   That is why the 4/14 window is such an exciting work and ministry of the local church.”

Journeys with Local Churches

Dr. Corbin has journeyed with churches in evangelism training with CWT and FAITH, seeing over 75 members involved in their weekly evangelistic mission; the building of an educational building housing a local church’s newly founded Christian School; and the relocation of a local church, including the purchase of 11 acres and the construction of an entire new church facility.

Journeys with Prayer Ministry

It was a prayer journey that God used in Pastor Corbin’s own life and led him into the gospel ministry full time for over 34 years. The seasons of prayer for the local church have been the most effective way of seeing transformation take place in his own life, the lives of individuals, churches and community ministries.

Journeys with Hurting People

In experiencing the dedication and commitment of first responders in Loudoun County and the difference each of them make in our communities, pastor Corbin now serves as volunteer chaplain to Station 4 and the county’s chaplain corps who minister to those who are hurting and in crisis.

Journeys with Community Ministries

Pastor Corbin, while serving as senior pastor, led churches in establishing a Christian School, weekday preschools, Awana clubs and Word of Life ministries.  Each of the ministries exists to serve the local church communities. Pastor Corbin has been recognized by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for outstanding achievement in evangelistic effectiveness in the Southern Baptist Convention by the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth. He also participated in the research information for the book Effective Evangelistic Churches, by Thom Rainer.

Studies & Training

Mid-Atlantic Theological College and Seminary, Doctor of Divinity; Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity; Roanoke College, Bachelor of Science; Virginia Western Community College, Associate in Applied Science; Additional studies at Virginia Technical University, Liberty University, Pensacola Christian (Christian Principal’s Clinic), College of Creation Science , Biola University (Christian Apologetic), Transitional Pastor Training with SBC  in Fresno, California.